Welcome to the Isle of Wight Heart Care Club


The Isle of Wight Heart Care Club is not a Charity, everything that we do is funded by the members for the members.

Every year we have to raise funds to keep the club financially secure, all of the members who attend classes pay a fee per class. The shortfall is made up by donations and fund raising events.

We do not charge a membership to belong to the club as we want all members to be able to join without any financial penalties. We have to raise over £10,000 every year to balance the books.

There are many ways to help us fund the club.

  • You can send us an email and we can advise you on the best way to support the club

  • We have had some members leave us money in their estate.

  • You can join in with the fund raising activities that we put on.

  • You can send donations to the Treasurer at any of the club's venues. 

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If you want to make a donation the to the Isle of Wight 

Heart Care Club

The club's bank details are here.

Sort Code 40 - 34 - 26

Account Number 61463586

Thank You