The Isle of Wight Heart Care Club was established to provide a facility for people with heart conditions, particularly those recovering from heart attacks or heart surgery, to improve and preserve the quality of their lives by continued support and guidance for themselves, their carers and their families.
The Club is run by dedicated individuals, professionals in their respective fields, and in many cases people who have experienced heart problems at first hand themselves in the past. Understanding the needs, through their own experiences, allows them to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which people can pursue a structured exercise programme tailored to suit the individual's requirements.
Guidance may be given, when necessary, to provide the opportunity for everyone to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and all are actively encouraged to take part in a programme of social activities that the Club will organise from time to time. It is recognised that there is more to recovery
than just physical healing and support is given in all aspects of the healing process.
Officers and Committee:
President Alan Davison
  • Executive Committee:
  • Chairman Gary Smith
  • Treasurer Ian Henderson
  •  Secretary Sue Young