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Please all keep safe

we will be back in class soon

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Welcome to the Isle of Wight Heart Care Club


The Isle of Wight Heart Care Club was established to provide a facility for people with heart conditions, particularly those recovering from heart attacks or heart surgery, to improve and preserve the quality of their lives by continued support and guidance for themselves, their carers and families.

Our aim is to provide:

  • Friendly support for people with heart conditions

  • A structured exercise programme tailored to an individual's needs

  • An opportunity to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • An opportunity for participation in the Heart Club's social activities

  • All the above in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere

  • Please note that we have changed the times and venues for some the classes that we offer, this is due to the closure of The Fitness Factory in April 2020.

  • Please go to the Programme page for an up to-date list of all the times


To all members of The Heart Club  

May I take this opportunity to wish all of you compliments of the season and a happy and healthy New Year.


I'm sure that nobody had 20 20 vision of what this year would bring to people the world over. But with these vaccines, it does bring a light at the end of the tunnel. 


If I’m allowed a couple of wishes this Christmas, they are, may Santa pop an injection of that stuff in all our stockings and secondly bring back some sort of normality.


I'm sure you'll all join me in sending a big thanks to Lyn and Gary for keeping us informed and up-to-date with all those weekly messages, videos and above all, making us laugh. (which is great exercise for the face).


Those videos of Lyn, certainly kept me going, but I will miss my two tins of Heinz Baked Beans that I’ve been using as weights. I won't open them and eat the contents, it would be like saying goodbye to an old friend.


But I must say that I was a bit surprised when, without my glasses, I miss-read Lyn’s opening sentence in last weeks newsletter. I quote:


 “I’m writing this in the Bath…”

I thought, “And why not! It’s Christmas!”


My wife Jayne joins me in sending you all our love and best wishes,

Take Care,

Melvyn Hayes

Patron of the Isle of Wight Heart care Club.

Locate your Nearest Automated External Defibrillator

HeartSafe® AED Locator and Arrhythmia Alliance have set a target to invite any person, community, business, medical practitioner, sports facility, school etc to register their AED on this website.  Any person wishing to know the whereabouts of an AED can simply enter the post code, and the nearest AED will be displayed on the map.

Our goal is to provide the most informative detailed map of publically accessed defibrillators (AEDs) in all areas of the UK.


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Ticker Tape Latest Issue
We have just published the latest edition of Ticker Tape, the February 2020 version.
We have currently suspended the news letter at the moment and we will carry on sending out weekly news updates by email, if you want to be added to the list contact us.


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